Music, Lyrics and Book


Wyatt and Izaiah Rhinehart

with Lyrics for Enough by Dewikus Van Zijl


About the Show

Tanner Maverick’s Book of Sound is a full-length, all-original musical, addressing social and mental battles that are commonly fought by every generation. 

Tanner Maverick is a teenage outcast struggling to find his place in the world. Because of his speaking disability, his only true way to communicate is through the music that he writes. Years after Tanner’s death, his younger brother Jason, finds his book of songs and strives to piece together who Tanner was, and what exactly he had hoped to convey in his songs.

Jason’s coming-of-age journey takes him through broken friendships and overnight success, as he bears the burden of carrying on his brother’s hidden legacy while battling his own demons.

We find throughout the musical that every character in someway, relates to the songs in the book… songs written by a dying boy.

Whether you feel like you are on top of the world or simply a misunderstood kid, Tanner Maverick’s Book of Sound reminds us that we can understand and have compassion for one another, if we only try.

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August 13th 7pm August 14th 2pm August 14th 7pm August 15th 3pm

Theater Address

The Ritz Theatre
301 E. Grand Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025


Dates & Times

Friday Aug 13th 7pm
Saturday Aug 14th 2pm
Saturday Aug 14th 7pm
Sunday Aug 15th 3pm

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Izaiah Rhinehart is a writer, composer, singer/songwriter and an award-winning actor from San Diego, California. Currently in college as a Jazz Piano Major, he intends to continue his studies as a Music Composition Major with an emphasis in movie scoring and theatrical composition. Izaiah’s accumulated performance experience at Jazz Clubs and on multiple theatrical stages, has contributed to his development as, not only a pianist, but also as an arranger, composer, guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer, and more. In his studies he has accumulated knowledge in directing, producing, music mastering and music business. Izaiah has also performed with Act Like You Matter, a non-profit anti-bullying awareness group as well as lending his composition talents to podcasts and other forms of media. Izaiah’s 14 years of experience in music and theatre have fueled the co-creation of Tanner Maverick’s Book of Sound, a full length all original stage musical he wrote with his brother Wyatt. Follow @izaiahrhinehart on Instagram to sample his original work.


Wyatt Rhinehart is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, actor, musical theater performer, and writer from San Diego, California. He has trained with numerous theatrical experts including Broadway professionals, dramaturges, and musical writers. Wyatt has performed on stage in many acclaimed roles receiving awards such as: Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Artist of the Year. He has self-studied theatrical and lyrical writing, as well as composition. Wyatt was named a 2020 National YoungArts Foundation Merit Winner in the Vocal: Singer/Songwriter category.  Wyatt has donated his time and talents to numerous fundraisers and charities throughout San Diego County. In 2022 Wyatt will be attending Berklee College of Music, pursuing a degree in Professional Music. Wyatt and his brother Izaiah are co-writers of Tanner Maverick’s Book of Sound and are pleased to present the world premiere to Southern California audiences.


Meet the Originating Cast

Izaiah Rhinehart

Wyatt Rhinehart

Kendall Skye

Audrey Stillwell

Garrett Currier

Jacob Morilak

Abby DePuy

Sydney Olson


Ryan Myers

Brayden Handwerger


Kathryn Hansen

Piatt Pund

August Ballou

Nicholas Toscano

Dewikus Van Zijl

Jayden Ponder


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